kids_skinmiteWhat I discoverd was that only those treatments that do not weaken the immune system of your skin and body along with combating both the fungus infection in  your skin and the Collembola infestation in your environment will work. You must address the environment and your skin at the same time to eradicate this condition or you will end up in an endless loop of the environment re-infecting you and you re-infecting your environment.  Along with that fact, anything that damages or hurts your skin’s own immune system or your bodies’ ability to defend itself, repair or heal doesn't work in a permanent way.

Remember both the fungus and the Collembola are microscopic so are impossible to see without magnification. However, as any one who has felt this knows you can definatley feel the Collembola land and crawl on you. Because the cause of this is invisible  re-infection is the hardest part in getting over this. Length of time required  to get rid of this depends on how long the fungus and bug have been multiplying in your environment and how hard it is to clear the environment. The longer you have felt symptoms, the more saturated your environment will be and the longer it will take because of re-infestation by things you forget or miss treating.

Others in your environment may not be victimized because of their skin type. In almost all cases others in the same house are not affected by the bug because without the fungus infection in the skin, the bug is not attracted to them and will not be crawling on them at all. The vulnerablity to the fungus infection may be related to hormone levels of estrogen or skin type or thickness of the skin. Women, girls and babies are the most targeted; about 90% of the cases. Men over 50 are second and young men are almost never affected.

 I believe that once the Collembola comes in contact with this  fungus it then carries and spreads the fungus. We now believe this fungus is genetically modified as one plant pathologist confirmed this is a plant pathogen of some type. In another case a Naturaopathic doctor using computerized diagnostic equipment identified it  as a plant fungus. Growing on such a rich medium IE human skin as opposed to plant tissue, the fungus most likely is like a  super food for fungus loving insects which is why they are so voracioulsy attracted. The other clue is that this fungus does not seem to respond according to general laws of nature.  There has been many cases of a non-identified fungus diagnosed. as well as many specimens of the Collembola positively identified. These specimens clearly show that the bug does not have any apparatus to sting or bite so those symptoms are coming from the fungus skin infection.  (To learn how to strengthen your immune system, read my book Don’t Pollute Your Own Stream.)

Learn to differentiate between the crawling (bug) and the rest of the fungus symptoms; itching, tingling, burning, brushing, pin pricking, stinging/biting sensation. As long as you have crawling getting over this is impossible. You must get rid of the Collembola infestation to get well.

Burn scented candles or incense near your computer or under your desk until you get the product to fog your house (see below). Burning candles or incense does nothing long term, but will help you to study my site or do your work if you need to.



beach2_skinmite What I did to clear my Environment

  1. CedarCide Best Yet fogging dailyuntil no activity is felt. Open everything possible to allow the fog in IE cupboards, drawers, closets etc. You do not have to worry that it gets on dishes, boxes of food etc. since it is food grade and an EPA exempt pesticide and it completely evaporates. It will change the flavor of produce and prepared food because it is strong so I recommend you put away all fresh food. Remove all house plants and leave them outside since they can be a source of Collembola and the fog will burn them. I would also remove your pets, birds and fish even though this is a food grade over exposure can irritate the respiratory tract of small animals. You should also wear the mask that comes with the fogger. Even eating too many strawberries can make you sick so even though this is food grade, you will be getting a lot of exposure so do prevention and wear it. Be sure all windows are closed and gas pilot lights are out (it is not flammable like gasoline but is an oil). Disconnect all smoke detectors since the fog WILL set them off.

    Go through your house before you start to open up everything so you can go through quickly once you start the fogging process. You can wash with the Swiss Formula body wash and coat yourself the Swiss Formula sunscreen before the fogging so when you leave the house you will be not taking something with you. Be sure you have treated clothes on as well so you don’t bring anything back. You can watch the instructional video that will come with the fogger but when the instructions differ from what I tell you, use my instructions. I have had much more experience at what works for this particular problem than people selling the product.

    Start at the farthest point from where you will exit and aim fogger at floor and all furniture, then fill the room to the ceiling and shut that door as you move through your house room by room to the exit. When I first got it, I used the fogger set on medium but once you get the hang of it and move fast enough, you can use it on high without wasting product. Only fog until you can’t see across the room since once the air is saturated the product just falls out of the air on to the floor in droplets and is just wasting product. The fogging product ONLY works in the vapor form. This visual is the best way to judge how much product to use. It is just about total saturation of the air and environment; no place for them to run and breath any untreated air. I have noticed that the moisture in the air changes how much it takes to saturate the air. Dryer air takes more product. Close up house and car for as long as you can at least 2-3 hours. The first time I recommend overnight or 8 hours if you can but once the fog is evaporated out of the air, there is no benefit in staying away or keeping the house closed up. There should be NO air movement during the fogging. Turn off all fans. Air movement will cause the active ingredient to evaporate. The goal is to have the fog stay in the air for the entire time you have the house or vehicle closed up. 
    NOTE: The product is an essential oil that needs to be used with a COLD thermal fogger which CedarCide sells with the product. Spraying does not work so do not waste product spraying things; only fog.
    Sometimes it will appear to escalate after the first fogging. This is because the product triggers an instinct in the bug  to get out of your house to fresh air. They may come out of all the places they were hiding (from the fogging) in great numbers. It happens after the fog has dissipated when there is nothing left to kill them. There is no residual killing effect once fog has dissipated. Just fog again right away if this happens. If you do a second fogging you will not need to keep the house closed up for long. Do not wait like the company that sells the fogging product suggests. Since these things multiply quickly if any are left you want to keep hitting them as they decrease to prevent them getting a stronghold again. It is important not to run out of product before you get them all since they will just start multiplying again in the gap between treatments if any are still there. Remember they have had whatever time you have had symptoms to get into everything so getting rid of them is going to depend on how thorough you are. Unfortunately it will take longer to get rid of them the longer you have let them multiply.

    Even if you fog the whole house, if your bed is a problem, I advise spot fogging your bed before you go to sleep. Leave the bed made and aim the fogger under the sheets and blankets just long enough (2-5 seconds) to see them inflate to trap product under them. Do this every night before you get in if your bed is a problem in place of the insane work of washing your sheets every night (NOTE: this advice applies ONLY if you are sleeping on a safe blow-up mattress).

    So far, no one has been able to save an infected mattress. NOTE: the dust mite mattress and pillow cases do not work at all. Blow up mattresses are safest. They sell them at Costco and Walmart. If it starts to sag in the middle of the night exchange it right away. Many of them leak but if they are good they never leak so if you have to add air it is defective. If you are having trouble around your head get rid of the pillow and buy a new one but wrap it in a plastic bag and seal it air tight before you ever use it. Same goes for a new mattress if it is not a blow up one. I highly recommend getting rid of your mattress in a land fill if you are having lots of activity in your bed. Please do not spread this by selling it or giving it to anyone!

    Spot fog problem areas like computer, kitchen sink, and bathroom sink areas a couple seconds before you spend time in them if after your daily fogging you feel anything anywhere in your environment. This can be just a few seconds of fogging. * Note Best Yet does nothing to help repel them on the body or treat skin or treat clothes even though the company says it does… at least not for Collembola! This is after consulting with 1,000’s of people and hearing this from all of them.

    If you stop feeling symptoms and then feel ANYTHING return start treating again. In this case an ounce of prevention is worth months of cure! Do not ignore any symptoms. You must train yourself to have zero tolerance to get rid of this. This thing multiplies in the millions and very quickly so don’t leave any alive to start over. You will need to buy the fogger and a couple gallons minimum of the fogging product depending on your house size and cars. Also, if you order through our link, it costs no more but the manufacturer compensates me to consult with you on how to best use the product for this condition. (See Fogging PRODUCT for order information and instructions on how much you will need.)

    I still have not seen a correlation between victims and their pets. If your pet is frantically itching you may want to SPRAY it with the cedar product. This is the only instance I recommend spraying the fogging product. It does kill fleas and mange, and Collembola. It may work for animals because they do not have the fungus, only the bug. If they only are being bothered by the collembola you can also dust them with food grade diatemacious earth. I have 2 dogs and use the Cats Claw on them for any skin problems. I even cured mange with the cats claw and cotz after trying hundreds of dollars of stuff and months and months of trying nontoxic products that did not work. Fogging infected clothing does not work. You need to soak them in either bleach or PCO. (See #3 instructions below) The fog is a contact kill. If it does not reach the Collembola it will not do anything. It is not a residual killer. Once the fog is gone the active killing is over. If the fog can’t pass through something it will not kill the Collembola. You can leave the product in the fogger in between treatments. Be careful filling the fogger since the bottles the product comes in are really difficult to pour from.  The product is expensive so I suggest you place a pan under your fogger to catch any spills. I looked for months for a pour spout that would fit the bottles with no luck since they are an odd size. You can fog outside if there is a porch or area you are feeling activity in. Just know that the inside product hurts plants. You can use the PCO laundry product which is a water soluble formula if you need to fog around plants.

Spray 91% or higher rubbing alcohol on all non cloth objects that touch your affected parts (less than 91 % proof rubbing alcohol does not work. Get a spray top from any cleaning product and screw it right on to the alcohol bottle)  In additon, spray till thoroughly soaked any back pack straps, purse straps, seat belts, car seats... anything you can't soak but can't throw away..Be sure to cove the treated car seat and head rest with a thick trash back to keep from reinfecting it when you are sitting on it after that. Always put a towl or blanket over the plastic so you can treat it everytime your are sitting on it.  Remember plastic traps heat and moisture against the skin which equals increased fungus.

If you feel any crawling in your car crack the door on your car and fog just for a few seconds or minutes until you can't see across the car. Keep closed up for as long as is practicle. ( Warning: Do not over do it by placing the fogger in the vehicle and leaving it running. Do not have the air conditioner on during fogging).

  1. PCO laundry treatment. Fill washer cold water only and do not add clothes yet. (Hot water will cause the active ingredient to evaporate out of it faster reducing how long it will give results) .Start with 1/4 cup  of PCO for a bath tub and keep adding and mixing until water is milky white (should look like skim milk) agitate to mix well and stick your finger in it to see if it smells like cedar. It should haved a definate cedar smell if it has enough product in it. Once you have the mixture right then add clothes mix  few minutes then let soak for only an hour. You can use the solution for many loads as long as there is a strong smell left in the solution. Do not attempt to leave this solution longer than a day and do not soak clothes for longer than an hour. Many people have wasted time and money doing this and when the active ingredient is too weak, due to evaporation, the clothing and linens are not disinfected. To save money, you can use a laundry tub or bathtub to soak multiple loads at once. You can also ring the solution back into the tub, bag those wet clothes and use the same solution again for additional loads BUT ONLY IN THE SAME DAY. After a soak, no further treatment is necessary so just launder the clothes normally. If you can seal the solution to prevent the active ingredient from evaporating out of it, you can re-use the solution more than one day but this does not work if dirt from clothes alters it too much. This makes the laundry product go farther. If you do not want to save the solution after soaking in your washer, just spin out the solution (you might try catching it from the drain from your washer to reuse it), add detergent to the same load, wash as usual, and rinse twice if necessary. Your clothes may have a faint smell of cedar which is normal. If it is stronger than that you are wasting product by using too much. It is a contact kill for the Collembola, eggs and external fungus so it is more important to have it thoroughly mixed in the water and soak the clothes long enough (1 hr) than making the solution too strong. You can put your treated clothes back into your dresser or closet if there is no chance of any untreated clothing being there. You must fog your closet and spray rubbing alcohol in the drawers to disinfect them before putting treated clothes back. If the drawers are exceptionally porous wood, you may have to paint them to seal any fungus but this is rare;usually stuturating them with alcohol is suffiecient.  No need to do anything else to clothes as this kills eggs, mites, and external fungus and spores. Remember to bag all your dirty laundry as you use it in marked and sealed trash bags until you wash it. Do NOT re-use the bags from the infested clothing for anything and remove them from your house. It is better to bag it based on what loads and how much will go into a load so you will not have to touch it. If possible do not handle the dirty laundry item by item and just add the whole bag to the soak. One girl I consulted with got over this and was well until she became re-infected doing a stored last load of laundry because she forgot not to touch the clothing.                                                                                                                                                                
  2. Chlorine Bleach for all bleach-able cloth. Use normal directions for bleach but you must allow it to soak for at least 1 hour to disinfect. Launder as normal after the soaking by adding the laundry detergent and running a normal cycle.  We have had lots of feed back that all the NEW CONCENTRATED bleaches don't work  for some reason. Since it is most likely due to a new chemical they are all substituting. The only true chlorine now that I know of is pool chlorine but the amount to use might be difficult to calculate.  Try to not wear any fabrics that don't allow air flow to the skin.  Anything that holds moisture and heat against the skin creates the perfect climate for the fungus to flourish.  Using towels once is advisable, so get some cheap small ones you can bleach and bag after each use (I found small cheap white ones at Kmart and Wal-Mart for $1.50 each). You will need 2 a day since I found what worked for me was showering morning and night as long as their is crawling. The smaller they are the more will fit in a single load of wash and the less work you will have. I also used the ones at Costco in the car washing dept that are really small and inexpensive. Once you replace your bed with a blow-up bed, sheets can be fogged daily and washed once a week in bleach or PCO. I do recommend a mattress pad and some 100% wool fabric under that so you are not sweating on the plastic blow up mattress. The pad will need to be soaked in bleach or PCO and washed at least once a week as well.  By the way, I used  bleach on everything I could in the laundry to save money on the PCO. NOTE: the bleach is harder on cloth and is toxic, but it's less expensive.


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maui_2_sea_skinmiteWhat I did as an Internal Treatment

  1. I have witnessed over the last 8 years that internal treatment attempts have been the least effective. So far only the following suggestions have worked for everyone. There have been no internal antifungal products that have shown to clear people. Also one doctor admitted to me that antifungal drugs are dangerous and can cause liver damage.

  2. Solaray HCL with Pepsin 650 MG digestive enzymes. I took one or two with every meal (Found in health food stores usually or order online) Start with one and if you do not see any results increase to two. Do not ever take it on an empty stomach! Just before or during a meal . The enzymes seem to work the best of anything I tried with added digestive benefits. Maybe it is less waste in the body from partially digested foods that is the benefit. It may be that the fungus thrives on our waste products and minimizing them decreases their food supply. It could also be that giving your body the added amount of stomach acid to balance any alkaline spikes in the body is why everyone benefits   Not sure…. Just know it helps more than anything with reducing the fungus that make you a bait and magnet for the bug. Buy it cheap on Amazon.

  3. Cat's Claw Tincture- Even though I took a dropper-full 2 xs daily (Rinse your mouth and swallow that after taking since it stains teeth) I have seen most people get results just clearing their environment and doing the skin treatments I did. If you want to try taking this please check with your doctor first.  It is a natural tetracycline replacement. NOTE only the brand that I have under products worked topically because it is a formula not just cats claw so do not try to substitute any other brand for topical use. For internal, you may want to try  the more refined version (although it is really expensive) called Samento that is listed under Cats Claw under products on my site.  Many Lyme's disease victims have told me it helped them with that condition but they had to take a lot and for a long time. Warning: Always  check with your doctor prior to taking anything interanlly especially if you are taking any kind of medication or have any other medical conditions *NOTE I NO LONGER RECOMMEND TAKING THIS  SINCE IT DOES NOT SHOW ENOUGH RESULTS.

  4. DIet adjustment: I came to discover that alhough every other pathogen that attacks humans thrives in an acid chemistry in the body this fungus likes it alkaline and likes what benefits the body IE probiotics, alkaline generating foods and juices. Anything that SPIKES the body's chemistry to go into extreme alkaline will trigger the fungus symptoms. Ripe citrus, apple cider vinegar, cultured vegetables and kefirs, coconut milk, alkaline water. The fungus seems to like sweets and does not like bitter or sour. It is wise then to watch your diet and also stay away from refined sugars and starches (candy, pastries etc  alcohol turns to sugar in the blood faster than anything).  The other thng that seems to spike symptoms is concentrated surgars although they are generally acid forming as well as caffeine. Most likely the sugar and caffeine reaction is due to the fact that the fungus is in the nervous system and stimulants irritate the nerves. That is how they give the feeling of  energy.  As far as  food choices, you can rapidly change your PH with cranberry (Organic Cascadian Farm frozen Cranberry juice is the best) as well as  unsweetened pomegranate juice (they have that at Costco). Stay away from orange juice and lemon. Grapefruit juice does not seem to be a problem either. Try distilled water instead of an alkaline water since this is something you are consuming in large quantities. You might test the water you are drinking to see if it is too alkaline with PH strips available in most health food stores.  Other choices are: walnuts instead of almonds, rye bread instead of wheat. Study alkaline-acid  food charts and pick healthy but a little more acid forming foods.  Stay away from the strongest alkaline forming foods. The goal is to have a nuetral chemistry but not an acid chemistry which will bring a host of other undesirable health hazards. Once you get over this you can go back to the ideal of a sltightly alkaline reserve which is the best for a healthy immune system.NOTE: No amount of internal parasite cleanses help because the fungus is in the nerves not the digestive tract.

  5.  Positive Affirmations: The mind is a powerful tool and can be used for healing or destroying your body. Your cells understand and totally obey the voice of authority that you recognize. Your cells will without fail make true what ever is said to them. Anything you say after the words I AM are self defining. It is critical that you do not label yourself as sick in any way. It is imperative that you speak affirmations as a form of spiritual medicine. This is part of the protocol.  Write down what negative thoughts you are repeating and then write the opposite and speak those as many times a day as you can as an antidote. Write them on your mirror to remind you. An example might be " In all my cells Gods healing light is shining. They are entirely well becasue God's healing light is in them". You would never make an affirmation that in any way repeats the negative you intend to overcome. For instance you would never say "The fungus in my skin is completly well" since that reaffirms the problem. You would instead say " I have perfectly healthy skin". For more on this subject see my book You're Not Fat You're Swollen available in print or digital from

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hammock_skinmite What I did for Body Treatments

  1. BodyWash: This soap is as good as sulfur and all the lethal chemicals I tried and does not strip your skin's protection which, with this problem, you desperately need to keep intact. It made all the itching go away so I believe that it somehow cleans the fungus and removes what ever is on your skin. Do not take any baths (especially hot) since this will spread the problem to other areas. In the shower: don't get your skin wet yet, just thoroughly wet a Nylon Wash Cloth, found the best ones at Longs drugs, (see PRODUCTS for the one I used) or use the nylon puff that comes with the soap until you get a nylon cloth and put about a dimes worth of product on it. Do not use any natural fiber cloths or brushes ever until you are over this or you will be re-infecting yourself.   Work up as much suds as possible in the cloth or puff BEFORE you try to apply it to your dry skin. This may take a little while and you will know when to stop working the cloth when no new lather is formed. (It will not suds applied directly to your skin) Apply to dry skin, clean your entire body. IF you still feel itchy add more to those areas and even leave it on until almost dry. Keep adding product that is on the cloth or puff till all itching stops then rinse well. If any lesions are drying and healing be careful not to scrub them and re-open them.  (See ordering instruction under PRODUCTS). I suggest you get a 10 x magnifying mirror on a stand so you can more accurately see what needs to be treated. A 40 X magnification lighted  Jewlers Loupe is also a cheap way to get a really high magnifying glass.

    I discovered this product because after using all the horrible things on my skin I looked about 80 years old. A friend told me that this company made products that really benefit the skin so I decided to try them. I was using this wash to try to heal my skin after each wash with the other medicated washes and soaps to remedy the damage those treatments were doing. One day, just out of curiosity, I thought I would just use it alone and was shocked to find it worked better. I dropped all the other products and started to see big improvement. The company has gone to great lengths to make their products safe. Their ingredients are mild and pure compared to most soaps on the market. I still use their products because when I was well and tried my old soap, which is a really healthy brand made by a homeopathic company in Germany, I found it dried my skin out so went back to using the body wash which cleans just as good and does not remove the protective part of your skins natural immunity like most soaps. That layer is what protects you from all environmental damage AND INVADING MICROBES and it takes 24 hours for your body to replace it when you strip it away.

  2.  Spf 30 Sunscreen  . I used this sunscreen for protecting myself  from the bugs in my environment. For some reason they do not like it. Unfortunately the company has discontinued this  particulare formula so now I recommend their Men's face moisturizer that is SPF 20. This  product  has the same main ingredients as theold SPF 30 sunscreen. Immediately after you shower apply Mens face moisturizer if you want to get protection from bugs or protect others from your self. (NEVER combine the bodywash and the old formula  SPF 30 sunscreen or this Men's cream  since it causes a bad rash when combined at all ) To use the Men's Face lotion, spread a thin layer  completely over body right after bathing with moisture still on skin (except areas that you are going to treat with cats claw since those areas need to be clean and really dry).  This Men's moisturizer does not kill the fungus but does help keep the bugs off you and as far as I know it is the only thing that has some moisturizer in it that does not proliferate the moisture loving fungus. All other creams and oils shoudl be avoided while trying to get rid of the fungus since they all tend to make it worse. That goes for  mineral oils, tee tree oil and all the essential oils that are not listed on my site under products since all but the most refined ones will not only not work, they will make it worse.  Although they may have some anti fungal qualities, the high oil content counters any good that they can do.  *Note: The brands suggested on my site are the highest quality for the lowest price I could find. If you find anything better quality for less money let me know.  You will need to put this Sunscreen substitute on in a continuous film on your body.  It is easier if you apply  just after toweling off when the skin is still moist. It tends to go farther and is easier to get it to spread in a continuous layer.  Add water to your hands if you find it is not spreading easily (it takes too much product if you your skin is too dry because it won’t spread). You do NOT want to rub it in and only want it on the top layer. Let dry before dressing. In areas that you sweat try dusting with some Corn Silk Baby Powder over that to keep the sunscreen on longer (Johnson & Johnson works best). All other moisturizers and oils I tried make the problem much worse. Other than  the below Cats Claw treatment and suffocating, drying up is next best. If you are not applying the sunscreen right after you shower, I recommend thoroughly drying your skin since fungus likes moisture. You might at least use the baby powder on areas that are affected that may get sweaty. I discovered this sunscreen when I noticed that I never felt any crawling when I was at the beach even if I was sweaty. I would still not feel anything when I got home (even though my house was still infested) until I showered. When I washed off the sunscreen I would be attacked by the bugs again. So this became a God-send to protect me until I got the environment under control. (See ordering instruction under Skin  PRODUCTS)

  3. Treating  the fungus symptoms topically: red bumps, pimples, intense itching and burning itch, pin pricking, biting sensations, lesions:   Make sure the area is bone dry. The skin is like a sponge and if filled with moisture the cats claw will not go deep into the skin.  The goal is to get it into the deeper layers of the skin to completely reach all  the fungus. Only a dry sponge can absorb anything into it.  After a shower the skin like a sponge is full of water. You can use a hair dryer on the areas that you intend to treat to dry it out before treating. Use the glass dropper that comes with the cats claw and cover area with generous amount of Cat's Claw Tincture.  Do not use a Q-tip or your finger since more of the cats claw will be absorbed by them than what gets to your target skin. Let soak in then re-apply and let soak in again. Do this 4-5 times in each area each tiime you treat. * Warning do not substitute any other brand of cats claw. The one on my site is the only one that works because it is a formula!  This cats claw is the only thing I know of that works (olther than my scalp protocol and Cotz) after studying this for over 8 yrs and speaking with now over 2,000 victims and hearing what they tried that did not work to add to my 2.5 yrs of trying things that did not work. Next apply a thick spot of Cotz SP 58 sunscreen over that let dry. This is actually drying to the skin for some reason and increases the speed in killing the fungus when added to the cats claw treatment. by additionally suffocating the fungus. Dust it with enough corn silk baby powder to keep it from rubbing off. Use enough to soak up moisture and make the area dry. Patting the powder in to the sunscreen works best               (see ordering instruction under PRODUCTS for all these products)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *If you get the Cotz on your clothes or linens it stains but washes and even rinses right out easily if sprayed  on dry fabric with a de-greaser/cleaner called Oil Eater sold in automotive stores. Not even bleach will get it out or any thing else I tried.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  4.   Suggestions from others on Treating the scalp:  While I suffered for 2.5 yrs with this all over my face forehead and eyes it never once went to my scalp. Almost every case I have consulted with has this on their scalp. The are only 2 possible explanations. I brushed my hair 50 strokes 2 times a day with a nub brush and or I washed my hair with Aveda Shampure shampoo and Aveda Shampure Conditioner. So we know that this shampoo at least does not proliferate the condition. That is why I recommend this brand and this kind to use in the scalp treatment. If oils and moisture increase the fungus then it is obvious that many shampoos will make things worse. Please note that no lice or dandruff shampoos work at all accoding to the feed back I have received and most other things being sold on the internet do not work because those selling things do not understand the cause is fungus not bugs. I have heard again and again that using the bodywash worked on the scalp when used as a you might try that before any other treatment. If that does not work then try the suggestions below....
    • Here is what has worked:  Washing the scalp with the bodywash found under skin products on my site and letting it dry before rinsing out. This works only if the problem has just started and the fungus is not yet too deep or spread.
    • If there is intense activity then the next thing people have tried that worked is the Aveda Shampure shampoo and mixing the following high quality essential oils into it. Start with 3 drops of each of each: Now Peppermint oil, Melaluca, Simpler Oregano oil or Aura Cacia Cinnamon Leaf (either or not both) in a capful of Aveda Shampure shampoo. Use a scalp massager/ shampooer as shown under Other Useful Products on my site. Scrub your scalp and leave on until all activity stops. If this does not completley stop symptoms use more drops in the shampoo by adding one more of each and trying that before increasing further. Mix the shampoo each time you are going to do the treatment. Rinse and dry your hair making sure your scalp is really dry. Do not make the essential oils so strong that you burn your scalp. * Warning: The oregano and cinnamon leaf recommended are extremely strong and can burn. Be careful not to get them full strength on your fingers and touch any delicate tissue like your eyes or mucus membranes.
    • You can try to use a spray on natural and organic detangler and no conditioner but be careful not to use anything with any oil or moisturizer if it has some in it.  Spray all brushes and combs, head bands, hats, etc with 91% +rubbing alcohol after each contact to prevent reinfection or better yet soak them in the PCO with the rest of your laundry.

5. How I treated Eyes Nose and Ears:

    • Washing the eye lashes with Johnson and Johnson No More Tears Baby Shampoo worked to clear the bugs out of my eyes and lashes. Put half a drop on your fingernail and carefully scrub your eyelashes. This was recommended by an eye surgeon after I had an eye surgery once. So I tried this and it worked. I also used the COTZ sunscreen around my eyes even on the lids and that also helped prevent reinfecting my eyes. Visine and Vetericyn after the wash also helped. If these do not work I would suggest getting a prescription from an eye doctor for an oitntment.
    • Using a wetted Q-tip to dilute the cats claw  and swab the outer part of the inner nasal passage and then apply the COTZ to it.  No bugs would be crawling there if ther fungus were not there so realize that you need to kill the fungus to stop the bugs from being attracted to that area. The fungus is not up inside the nose where there is mucus membrane but the collembola likes moisture so once attracted to the edge of the nostrils where the fungus is they travel up for moisture. The fungus is always found on the edge of the mucus membrane and dry skin so that is where you need to concentrate treatment.
    • Use full strength Cats Claw and swab the ears with a sturated  q-tip. keep ears dry as possible by wicking any water after showering  using a q-tip or rolled and twisted single sheet square of toilet paper. Remember fungus liks warm mositure. If ears are dry you can use foam earplugs coated with COTZ to keep bugs out. Melalucca can also be used  to keep bugs out until you can get rid of any fungus that may be attacting bugs in to your ears.      
    • Soak glasses in same concentrate of PCO laundry  solution mixture. Keep some mixture in a tightly covered Qt jar where you can soak glasses before wearing them.  So far as I have heard even soaking over night does not seem to damage glasses but use your own discretion.

6. How I treated my crotch: Just like the scalp and feet the other moist place on the body is the crotch so the fungus can get really intense in these areas.

  • The best treatment after washing with the bodywash is drying area and applying COTZ and baby powder. Baby powder was invented to prevent babies from getting fungus rashes caused by sitting in a damp warm diaper. If there are lessions or pimples needed to be treated then follow the suggestions for Cats Claw use on them under Body Treatments # 3 above. Remember to treat anything you have been sitting on since it is most likely reinfecting you.


Contact Megan with your questions


A note about  Saunas and steam baths.  I do not recommend ANY baths what so ever since they tend to spread the fungus and so far nothing in a bath helps. If you were to try steam baths they need to be really hot and I advise that you apply the   bodywash either before you exit the steam bath or sauna or immediately when you step out because the moist heat and sweating causes increased activity if your body did not get hot enough for long enough. I do not recommend using any public sauna or steam bath since this is highly contagious especially around moist heat. If you can buy a steam bath I highlyy recomment the Aroma Spa listed under products for any other immune condition. Because anything that makes you sweat may srpread the fungus this may or may not be advisable for this condition but it difinitely helps strengthen the immune system.

Raising your body temperature kills off many things that may be a problem internally which frees up and strengthens your immune system. Did you know that aroma therapy steam baths were Hippocrates’ (the father of medicine) main prescription for all diseases?

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