COTZ SPF 58 Sunscreen


This non-toxic sunscreen actually works to get rid of the lesions and dries them up even though it appears to be moist. It suffocates the best of anything because it forms a thick coating and dries. I used Cat's Claw first then a thick layer on the lesion and some would be gone overnight.

If you have any burning and itching it will positively stop it when nothing else will. It is so mild you can even put it on your eyelids and swim which is how I found it. I swim everyday and at one point had itching on my face. When I left it on after swimming the itch completely went away. I have been paying $19 for a tube of this and it would be costly to try to use it on your entire body. I used it to treat spots with great success... Since this is so expensive I only did spot treatments with it.

It stains but they can be removed with Oil Eaters brand Degreaser. Spray degreaser on dry cloth and rinse out with cold or hot water before you launder. Nothing else including a bleach soak will remove stains from this sunscreen.

For those who have been bothered by mites in their nostrils COTZ will quickly kill them without damaging the sensitive skin inside your nose.

Note: When you think the COTZ tube is empty you can cut off the flat end to reach what remains. There will be a lot left in the tube that would be wasted if you don't do this. To close the tube after cutting it, just roll it up securing it with a paper clip or clothes pin to keep it from drying out.

Note: There is new packaging but as long as it is COTZ SPF 58 water resistant it is the correct product.

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