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Thank You Megan!!!

To anyone reading this…I am so terribly sorry that you may be going through the same nightmare that my roommate and I lived for nearly two years. Before we found Megan, we were in absolute hell. Between the two of us, we hired several exterminators and saw numerous doctors and dermatologists. No one could help us. Then we discovered Megan’s website and fortunately for us, she was available for paid consultations as we had lots of questions. Megan patiently explained how we could cure ourselves using her protocol. She was right about everything and her methods were the only things that worked for us.

Megan is an absolute godsend for helping people. She’s sacrificed so much of her life to help people get over this. Please treat her like the saint that she is!

I can never thank you enough for all you've done for me. Truly there is no one else on earth who knows as much or cares as much as you do about helping people with this horrible affliction, skin mites. Everything you said about this has been true and accurate, as I've learned along the way.I got well by applying your advice and using all the products you recommend, and using them the way you instruct. It has been a life-altering experience to go thru this and I'm sure no one would understand unless they've been thru it themselves. I am greatly empowered by the knowledge and tools you've shared.

Earlier this year I was traveling thru an airport (I can travel now because I'm WELL!) and sat on a chair in the boarding lounge. After a few minutes in the chair, I suddenly felt a tickly-crawly sensation starting all over my body. I realized in horror that I was sitting in a chair that had been used at some point by a person infected with skin mites, and I was reacting to this! I didn't want to get infested and then visit my family and expose them! I had my RE9 Body Wash product with me in my carry-on, and I quickly got up and ran to the restroom where I went into the stall, wiped down my whole body with wet paper towels soaked with the Body Wash, and changed my clothes. I went back to the boarding lounge and sat in a different chair, and I was fine...there were no more symptoms because I acted quickly and did the right thing.

What if I didn't know how to deal with this? It's spreading all over the world. I'm now empowered to be able to help myself and my loved ones if they're ever exposed. Thank you always, for saving my health...and probably my life, too!

I am so thankful for finding Megan Wells and her website, which is the only course of action that relieved my suffering from skin mites.

Her 3-part protocol of:

  • fogging the house
  • caring for the skin
  • laundry procedure

is miraculous and works!! Along with the above protocols, my telephone conferences with Megan made all the difference in the world. Through direct conversation with Megan, the procedures were clarified. In addition I felt comforted and valued. I finally found someone to listen, who had lived successfully through the same nightmare experience, and who had successfully treated the skin, the house, the laundry. Doctors and dermatologists, as well as pest control companies were of no help to me. Often they tried to discredit what I was experiencing. Megan was the voice of experience, strength and hope that I could connect with.

Before discovering Megan, I was lost, trying many things over the internet for my hair, body, laundry, and home. At best, none of these suggestions worked. At worst, I was damaging my skin, body, etc, while spending a fortune with no results. With the gentle, holistic, natural products that Megan suggested, I felt relief for the first time from my symptoms. I was getting better. My skin, which was very damaged before Megan's protocol, is now healthy and strong. Today, I still use many of the products for bathing, shampooing and treatment of the skin because they are good for my skin.

I found that Megan Wells is willing to go to any lengths to help others. She is truly serving humanity with her website, protocol and consultations. I trust her totally. For example: I was visiting my daughter out of town and forgot the body wash. I needed it desperately. Megan called the company, found a consultant near me. The consultant met me the next day with the body wash, that I purchased, so I could continue the protocol uninterrupted. Thank you, Megan!

Megan Wells has gone above and beyond in her care warmth and consulting with me. I truly believe in her and thank God that she has shared what she has found to be effective in getting rid of skin mites. Because of Megan, her website, her sharing, I am healthy and free today to live life to the fullest. Thank you again, Megan. I am forever grateful!!
Without Megan’s determination to establish a website and put together the information which helps others overcome this problem, I wouldn’t have my normal life back again. I read online about people who suffer with this for years, and for me it was only several months that seemed like an eternity. Megan’s numerous expenditures, her research and experimenting, her lost income and financial suffering, her strong faith, and her unfailing determination to find answers has led to the discovery of the right products and their proper application, and it’s like a miracle because everything worked just as she said. I am forever grateful.

I’ve always been a bird lover, and I believe this all started when I handled a few wild birds that got caught in some garden netting. I didn’t stop to put on gloves to protect me.

A week or two later I felt a tickle on my arm and looked to see a tiny beige bug jump away and disappear. There weren’t any more noticeable incidences for a while but a month later I started getting a few random bites in the creases of my body such as the fold of my legs, under my breasts and on my neck. I thought they were spider bites so I vacuumed along the edges of the floors, and applied ice to the painfully swollen red bites. One night I felt crawling on me while in bed, so I switched on the light and pulled my bed out from the wall to have a look around. The floor is white tile so I can clearly see very small particles on it. I saw some dead gnats on the floor under the bed, and then some almost invisible beige bugs like the one I’d seen before on my arm. These tiny bugs were crawling along so I nudged them with my fingernail and they jumped a short way, about a centimeter. I picked them up with clear tape, intending to take them to the university lab or to research online and find out how to get rid of them.

A few days later something was biting me in my butt crack and with my fingernail I scraped off three black crab-looking mites and saw them clearly before I squished them, but they were not pubic lice because I had those years ago in the college dorm and I know what they look like. These were very slow-moving and didn’t seem like a major threat if I could act fast to find out how to get rid of them. So now I had two kinds of flying gnats, some tiny jumping bugs, and “black pepper” bird mites which I identified online and began reading the horror stories of people who get infested and try all kinds of things to get rid of them. In my search for info on bird mite infestation in homes, I found the Cedarcide website and ordered the fogger machine and a gallon of the Best Yet to treat my apartment every three days as instructed for bird mites, but this is not frequent enough for affecting collembola mites. The Cedarcide site has an informational section about bird mites and they did me a terrible injustice in their posting of a university document stating that bird mites don’t infest people, saying that in a week or so the mites go away on their own. Well, it was getting worse by the day and this misinformation cost me at least a week of precious time.

Around this time I had a very important holiday trip planned and was looking forward to visiting all my family in several other states. I incorrectly rationalized that with a bird mite infestation, I could still make the trip if I bathed thoroughly before leaving the house and bought cheap new luggage and clothes on my way to the airport.
What I didn’t know is the collembola had already taken up residence inside my sinuses and ear canals and I was carrying them with me; infesting my car, my workplace, and especially my sleeping area where the mites crawled out of my nose and ears as I slept, and established their burgeoning population in the bedding.

After reading Megan’s site the first time, I cancelled my trip with an excuse about a sudden illness. I shudder to think how dangerously close I was to flying across country on a plane with hundreds of other people, to infest the aircraft’s upholstery and carpet, then visit my family and sleep in their homes, infesting everyone, everywhere I went! This would have caused far-reaching and devastating effects.

Having bird mites and collembola mites at the same time was a confusing start to this whole ordeal. After much intensive reading online about bird mites, boiling my sheets daily, fogging my place every third day, and sleeping in my car to get away from the itchy-crawly bed, Megan’s site helped me identify my jumping bugs as collembola nymphs. I still had no idea what I was in for, until I began reading all about Megan’s Nightmare. I also read other top collembola sites in great detail and it dawned on me that Megan is probably the world’s foremost expert on collembola infestation in humans, as well as its eradication. I was reeling with shock and foreboding at what was ahead of me, but I knew Megan’s protocol was my best option. I immediately ordered all the listed products, and took intensive notes from the info on her website so I could follow the instructions to eradicate the infestation.

One of the first things I had to do was destroy my mattress and discard it in pieces sealed in trash bags so no one else would come in contact with it.

As the products arrived by mail, I made lists of the necessary bathing and skin-treatment routines and put post-its on my bathroom and kitchen walls to remind me of everything involved in the daily regimen. The next several months were a drudgery of constant work; soaking all laundry in the PCO mix, fogging my apartment and car, and following the body care protocol with the recommended products. My back, chest and neck were breaking out in numerous itchy oozing sores where the mites’ fungus was coming out of my skin.

It’s a fortunate thing I had recently paid down my credit card, because without an open balance I never could have paid for all the items I needed to get over this. By the time I was getting well, my card was nearly maxed out. With all these expenses, at first I didn’t think a consultation with Megan would be affordable for me but I had specific questions and concerns and needed the help. I completed her pre-consultation questionnaire and sent it a week in advance so she could review my case and have her ideas ready, saving time and money. In the consultation Megan answered all my questions in detail; providing info that’s not on the website because it applied to my particular lifestyle and type of infestation. It made such a difference! Megan was so informative and encouraging. I could start to see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I had been so depressed, fearing I’d have to be quarantined for life and never see my beloved family again. She told me things I hadn’t seen on the website…that after fogging my car for seven straight days, the mites and hatching eggs were probably dead and I could thereafter treat the remaining fungus by liberally spraying carpets etc with 91% rubbing alcohol every time I felt itchy in the car. But I had been fogging my car for 30 days, at a cost of over $100 a gallon!
I had another consult a month later, with my final questions as I was in the “clearing” stage.

As a temporary replacement for my mattress, I bought a cheap inflatable beach float to put on the bare tile floor, wrapping myself in a synthetic-material blanket and using a single pillow covered tightly in a thick black trash bag with a sealed knot. It was like camping out, but definitely not the fun kind of camping. The less bedding I used, the less to soak and wash all the time. The portable air mattress was easy to treat with the Cedarcide fog and sometimes also the 91% rubbing alcohol spray. Megan explained how I could lightly fog under and over the blanket daily to keep mite activity down so I would only have to wash this bedding once a week.

I’d wear one set of clothes from the start of the day to the end, because changing clothes meant twice the laundry. I bought Crocs for my footwear and emailed Megan to say how easy they are to clean because they’re not absorbent like leather or fabric. I declined all social activities, not wanting to expose anyone else. I threw out lots of stuff, especially papers which were now infested with the mature collembola “springtails.” I was exhausted and stressed out, but Megan’s calm reassurance and clear instructions got me through.

Now with my life back to normal, I am so deeply grateful for the simplest things such as being able to take a warm shower with regular soap, have my skin cleared up, wear my clothes several times before washing, and not have any horrible crawlies in my life! I was able to take that long-awaited vacation and safely visit my family without worry.

I learned from Megan that after going deeply into debt during her 2.5 years of suffering, she did free consulting for the next two years and then spent another nine months without income to create the website and get it launched. The product links were not set up until January of 2011, so there was no income from the website until then. This kind of self-sacrifice would be unthinkable for most people.

I can’t even fathom how bankrupt (or deathly ill) I would be if I had wasted thousands of dollars and many months or years on dead-end treatments. With the help of Megan’s website and consultations, I was able to apply my hard-earned money directly to my recovery process without any waste.

As I’m recovering financially and gradually paying down my credit card balance, I’ve sent Megan several donations of a few hundred dollars whenever my budget allows. With the extra donated funds, Megan will be able to pay her webmaster to add more info to the website and this helps all of us. For those who are going through this now, I’ve been there and you have my deepest empathy.

My health and the health and safety of my family is priceless, as is my peace of mind. Handling wild birds was an innocent act turned into a costly and terrible mistake, and it’s been a tough journey. Without Megan’s determination to establish a website and put together the information which helps others overcome this problem, I wouldn’t have my normal life back again. I read online about people who suffer with this for years, and for me it was only several months that seemed like an eternity. Megan’s numerous expenditures, her research and experimenting, her lost income and financial suffering, her strong faith, and her unfailing determination to find answers has led to the discovery of the right products and their proper application, and it’s like a miracle because everything worked just as she said. I am forever grateful. Thank you, Megan!

Thank you Megan, I am healing and feel better than I have in 4yrs after following your protocol. God bless you and I hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for the book. I have been using the body wash and it really seems to be helping. It appears that some of the brown spots are going away. This past week I got an eruption on my back side and put the body wash on it overnight and it was so much better in the morning. The intense itching stopped. I thank God for you and your research every day. God BLess you and all that you do.

I wanted to Thank You for being so brave and getting all this info out there for the suffering and the public. First I have to say thank you for all the good you do to many, and second that I will continue reading your site, I know of your effort and your prayers have been heard, LOVE LIGHT & PEACE

Thanks for the October newsletter and new tips on beating back the Itch. I talked to you last summer and used your protocol of recommended bodywash and spf 30 sunscreen and Cedarcide. It definitely helped get the infestation under control.

I can't believe I am saying this after what I have been through with all the biting and crawling but I feel like the luckiest girl alive. hope I am not speaking too soon but I feel like I dodged a huge bullet here. I cant thank you enough for all of your hard work in putting together the website and educating people.

I have found your info true and reliable! It’s a miracle to get the information!! The treatments work, especially minimizing the pelvic itch, which was unbearable. Hope to fog soon after getting clothes washed and put away. We are refinancing our house to help pay for my bills but at least there’s help for me now!

It's been horrifying but now I'm so relieved. Thank you and god bless you to infinity for sharing your knowledge.

I wanted to give you an update. I used the skin products for a few days before the cedarcide and cotz and other products arrived. The skin products alone cleared my symptoms so I never used the other topical treatments. we have been fogging daily and followed the protocol for environment.

My symptoms were exactly like everyone else’s, crawling and biting esp. at night and waking up with mosquito bite looking bites and a strawberry like rash, esp. where I sweat from exercise The difference is I never developed sores that didn’t heal. My bites and rash cleared up as soon as I started using the bodywash and sunscreen products. I only have a little bit of itching on my skin where the bites and rash were but I remember you saying not to cease treatment too quickly so I will continue the soap and sunscreen but I guess I don’t need the cotz and cats claw as there is nothing visible on my skin?

Thanks so much! You are a life saver!

Thank you very much for the book, Megan. Last week I received the cedar product, fogger, laundry treatment, Cotz sunscreen, body wash and sunscreen and diatomaceous earth. Please contact me (email or phone) for a consult so I can get started on the environmental stage. I have begun using the wash and sunscreen - WOW, what a big difference. Finally, something which seems to be working on my bumpy, itchy, scabby skin. I have begun sleeping through the night again. Yippeeee.

Hi Megan... I just ordered a case of 6 PCO's. Here is the receipt. I finally fogged yesterday... did 6 hours then fogged again. My husband opened the door to the hallway and left it open and the fire alarm of our building went off! Firefighters came and every one had to leave their apartments. Funny! Had the best sleep, which I haven't had in 1 entire year! Crawling did not wake me up last night and I didn’t even drink sleeping pills, which I have been doing every day for about 6 months now. Thank you and God bless you! My husband and daughter also said they had the best sleep in a long time.

It seems that E is still in the first stage, fortunately because he hasn't had it that long. But he also truly believes that since the 3 weeks he's been doing your protocol, it has definitely helped and has prevented it from progressing to stage 2. Also, my daughter and I have occasionally felt itching and irritation on our skin. But the bodywash immediately eliminated the irritation and I believe it has really prevented us from getting it. We are really blessed to have you on our team.

Thank you for your help! You don't know how grateful I am. It's good to know that there are people like you out there!

We're improving by the day, thanks to the skin products, the cotz and the PCO. I can finally do a decent load of laundry, before I was boiling everything and even that wasn't working. I'm about 90% clear, I get a red bump here or there every few days but with the products on they seem to never get a foothold. My son (12) is the place we're struggling at the moment, they go in his hair and then come to his face and neck. I had this symptom earlier, he didn't get it until months after me. My husband had very little at all and it cleared easily. Thank-you for all you posted, it was/is the sanest thing I've come across and it really works. Thanks again for the help.

Hope all is well with you. Happy Easter. I am almost back to my normal life now. Still have to take care of the internal. I still get a few bumps pop up every other day but they usually go away in a couple days after applying your magic potion. Waiting on the Dr. test to come back. Glad you have made a breakthrough on the fungus. We all thank you for your dedication to helping all of us. I will look for the swedish bitters to try. Let you know if it works. Thank you.

I tried the soap/skin products and the Cotz sunscreen and they truly worked when I followed your directions very carefully. I was surprised at how quickly they were effective. Wish I had found you sooner. Thanks to you, we will be able to visit our new twin grandsons in Ca.

Thanks to Megan's consul, I have now been totally clear for almost 6 months. My skin does still tingle occasionally, but it always goes away, and I am gradually eliminating all the items in my life that lead it to tingle. I have not felt any crawling on me whatsoever since August of last year. (Hooray!). I can wear a pair of jeans for several days in a row if I feel like it, don't fog anymore, don't wear the Suncreen unless I need to, etc. I am happy to say that my life has pretty much returned to normal after months of hell.

As an update for those who travel, in January I stayed at a hotel in L.A. and woke in the middle of the night with my skin tingling fiercely. It did not go away, but only intensified the next night in the hotel bed. If I had not known what to do, this very well could have caused another collembola infestation in my home, since I do believe the intense tingling (fungus infection) comes first, and the bugs follow. BUT, because of Megan's guidance, I knew what to do and had the tools to take care of it. I doused all my items in 99% alcohol, washed for about a week with the body wash, put the spf 30 sunscreen on twice daily, and took very large amounts of Cat's Claw internally. Within a week the tingling had completely stopped. Once you know what to do to handle this, it is not so scary. Thanks again Megan!

When I spoke with Megan it was a relief to finally talk with someone who understood what I was going through and did not think I was crazy or delusional. Simply hearing her validate my symptoms and explain what was going on gave me HOPE that this nightmare could end. Her patience and creative thinking in how to deal with situations were amazing and just what I needed.

The Colombula mite problem was horrifying for me for several months. I was reluctant to invest in all the supplies to do Megan's treatment, but I am So Glad I did now. The treatment was intensive, but I found that my skin condition benefited from the application of the creams and I felt different in a good way. The treatment went pretty fast, and I found myself in the rythem of spraying down the house and the car after a week. I recommend this procedure to anyone who has this terrifying issue in their life. I only did one full round of treatments and the problem is solved. It has been 9 weeks since I stopped the treatment, and it has not come back. Listen to Megan, learn all you can about this scourge, and the information on her web site will guide you through the process of eliminating these mini monsters from your life.

The soap and sunscreen is everything you said it is. To finally get relief was heaven! I thank god for sending you and your site to me. And i thank you for sharing, caring, and helping, but most of all for giving me the one thing i had lost and that is hope! I now believe that I can get ride of this horrible thing with your guidance-thank you!

I had been suffering from Columbellum mites for several weeks and was at my wit's end. My arms and legs were covered with bites. My dermatologist didn't believe there was anything; he said the bites were from 'scratching' and that I was imagining things. I was in a constant state of despair. They were in my car, my clothes, my bed, my house. It was a living hell and there was no help in sight.

Then I found Megan Wells' website and there was hope and help. Megan has been my guardian angel. She saved me from the nightmare of mite infestation. She has an incredible wealth of knowledge about mite infestations and the patience of a saint. When I finally listened to her suggestions, my condition began to heal. I believe she saved my life. If one thing doesn't work, she will think of something that does work to get rid of the mites.

Thank you so much for your caring and valuable advice. You sounded like an angel to me.

I will let you know of my success. Our conversation gave me so much hope.

Schedule a Consultation with Megan to find out for yourself why Megan is so appreciated by her clients.
She's been there. She understands.

My mom, who lives in Hawaii, had been complaining of some invisible thing "biting" and "crawling" on her at night for about 8-months. Quiet honestly, I thought she was slowly going crazy. She had seen internists, dermatologists, holistic healers, and many other types of doctors, and only one (her holistic MD) believed what she had to say - and this was only because the MD had another patient with identical symptoms who lived around the block from my mother. Every other doctor told my mom, in perhaps gentler words, that she was crazy and imagining the symptoms. My mother did not understand how this could be so, because even guests who stayed at her home were getting rashes and welts after a couple nights. A contractor from Texas who was working on replacing the beams said to her - "I feel like there are these invisible bugs crawling on me at night - I have to check myself into the psych ward!" Fortunately, when he returned to his home in Texas all his symptoms went away. Surprisingly, my mother also had 3 tenants living in her large house, and not a single one of them had any symptoms at all. Only my mom and some of her guests.

Unfortunately for me, I soon discovered that my mom was indeed NOT crazy, nor were the symptoms she and some of her guests experienced all in their heads. About 8 months after having her home infested with what she believed were bird mites, my mother came to visit me. I had seen her several times during those eight months, and had hugged her, etc, and not had a single reaction. When she visited me in late January, I noticed that I felt some sort of burning sensation in my skin, and that I felt a little bit of something crawling in my feet. It went away in about two days. But then, due to a businesses trip, my mother came to visit me again a week and a half later. I don't know if it's because of prior exposure, but during this trip, we snuggled for about 30 minutes, and I suddenly - and very distinctly - felt three sharp pricks on one of my legs, followed by the feeling of hairs brushing all over my skin. I immediately got up, went home, and took a long, hot bath in mineral oil (something I know now that Megan Wells does NOT recommend. It might have caused this to spread). I went to bed and woke up about 3 hours later with what felt like thousands of invisible creatures crawling all over my body. I was terrified.

When I spoke with my mother about it the next day, she said that she had the worst night of her life since getting infected with "bird mites", with more crawling-sensation on her than ever. We believe it was due to the hotel room she was staying in - a Best Western room that allowed pets, and was also slightly musty. She had stayed in that room just about 8 months before as well, right before reporting a strange bug crawling on her. So whether it came from Hawaii, or from the hotel mattress in San Diego, I do not know. Perhaps the collembola were in both.
The next two weeks were absolute hell. The activity level of the crawling would increase dramatically at night, to the point where I could not sleep more than an hour or two without taking benadryl (which knocks me out). I had no idea what was going on, was completely terrified, and had no idea what to do. My mother's suggestions only made things worse - her doctor (believing she had a bird mite infestation), told her to suffocate the mites with petroleum, and to wrap the skin in ceran wrap. This excess moisture made my symptoms infinitely worse (Megan explains that wet heat causes the fungus the collembola eat to spread)! I was exhausted, felt things crawling all over me, burrowing in my feet, felt tingling all over my body, and was all-in-all miserable. I had to drop my classes at my university because I didn't know how this was spread. I also called in as "extremely ill" for my job, so that I wouldn't spread whatever I had to others. I spend most of my days at the drug store purchasing sufur products and other things I thought might help. Nothing really did.

I went to the ER on Valentines day, about one week after this had started. The doctor gave me permethryn cream, which I coated my body with for eight hours. I did not feel any crawling on me that night, but two days later it all returned.

After days and weeks of freaking myself out by reading everything-under-the-sun online (and extensively reading "", which offered no real solutions to anything, and only scared me out of my wits!), contacting doctors online, etc, I came across CedarCide's website. I read the portion on skin mites and collembola. I then clicked on the link to the "woman who had a severe collembola infestation". This site, of course, was Megan Well's. After reading what she wrote, I was in shock - she had the same symptoms as both me AND my mother! I was thrilled to see what she had written on the top of the page - that she "now has a 100% normal life". I immediately called her and left a message. I told my mother to call her as well. While I was waiting to hear back from her, I called CedarCide and spoke with the owner, Dave. He was very helpful and informative. He explained to me that the permythrin cream from the ER only worked because it had dissolved my top layer of skin, and that what I needed to to was to remove the collembola from my environment, since for some reason my body had been "hosted". He (and Megan, I later found out) believed that I was probably hosted by these organisms due to the fact that my mother and I have such similar body chemistry. He said they spread to environments very easily, but don't usually switch hosts, which was why it was surprising that I had been infected so quickly - and dramatically - after being with my mother. He was not able to give me any suggestions other than to use cedarcide, but I was grateful for his insight.

I immediately ordered one of CedarCide's collembola kits. About an hour later I got a call back from Megan. She was very patient as I explained to her how scared I was, and that I had tried so many things, spent well over $400 already on products that weren't helping at all, and that I felt hopeless, powerless, frightened, and depressed. Megan explained to me that taking a hot bath after feeling the bugs crawling on me was a bad idea, as moisture and warm heat cause this thing to spread and were to be avoided. She gave me her product recommendations, and patiently went over - in EXTREME detail - exactly what I was supposed to do, from soaking my clothes for an hour in PCO choice, to brushing diatamacious earth into my carpets, to bagging up all clean and dirty clothes, fogging with cedarcide daily, wearing spf 30 sunscreen, using COTZ and Gold Bond medicated powder, washing myself with the bodywash and being sure to let it dry on my skin prior to rinsing, etc. She had had so many of the same symptoms as me, and I was grateful to know she was well again. She had done so much extensive research that she really has found what helps. By this time my computer area and most of my studio was infected, as I felt excessive crawling on my arms, legs, and feet when sitting at my desk, walking in my bathroom, or after putting on clothes hanging in my closet.

The CedarCide, bodywash and spf 30 sunscreen, and Cotz all arrived at about the same time. I immediately began to notice a difference in activity level after spraying the CedarCide and letting it sit in my studio. I noticed that I could wear clothes after soaking them for an hour in PCO choice, and then adding detergent and washing them as normal. I noticed that I felt less crawling on my skin after using the the spf 30 sunscreen, and after coating my skin with Cat's Claw. I noticed that the HCL/Pepsin helped. I began to get better in about 2 or 3 weeks.
But, I was not totally better. I did not do EXACTLY as Megan had said to do, and this was my downfall time and time again. Whenever we would talk or email, she would get somewhat frustrated that I was not following the instructions on her website perfectly. I thought this was kind of silly until I realized that when I did follow her instructions perfectly, my symptoms lessened MUCH more quickly, and stayed away.

Some things I learned through not listening to Megan (and then reading her explanations on the site after!):

Even if you wrap your mattress in plastic, zipper nylon bags and tape the zipper area, etc - this does not prevent the collembola from coming out of an infected mattress. Get rid of the mattress. After I threw mine out (mine was dually bagged and fogged daily, by the way) my symptoms went down about 75%. Also, get rid of your cotton sheets and replace then with satin, and microfiber blankets. I got mine at Ross for about $12.00.

You MUST soak your clothes in PCO choice for an hour - not longer, this doesn't help - and then ADD detergent before you wash them. I think the PCO choice kills the collembola, and the enzymes in the detergent break down the fungus. Doing one without the other didn't help me.
You MUST bag all of your clean clothes, AND dirty clothes. I use those giant ziploc bags that they sell at Target and some hardware stores - they hold a full set of bedding in each one, and are about $5.00 for a pack of 3. Once they have been used for dirty clothes, throw them out.
Food grade diatomaceous earth is your friend! Brush it thickly into your carpets if you have any, and into your mattresses. It helps a ton. I used a strainer to sift it thickly over my carpet, and then brushed it in with a paint brush. I also did this in the carpets of my car, and after that moment have not had any issues with my car. It is tedious and messy, but it really helps. It will soak into the carpet after a few days, and then will no longer get all over your feet as you walk - just be patient.

You MUST let the body wash dry on your skin! Don't just wash your wet skin in the shower with it like you would with other soap. Apply it, and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes before scrubbing it off.

Avoid steam rooms unless you're going to do a marathon steam. While steaming helped Megan initially, it does cause the fungus to spread, so do this with caution. I found that steaming made my situation worse. The only time it helped was when I went to a sweat lodge, made sure I didn't touch anyone else, and coated my body with Cat's Claw and Oregano Oil constantly while sitting in the front row with almost scalding steam covering my entire body, for about six hours. THAT did help. Lesser steams did not. And just so you know, although it helped, my symptoms did return about a week later because the collembola and/or fungus were not completely out of my environment. So I'm not sure if it's worth it.

BE CAREFUL AROUND OTHERS. I accidentally spread this to my boyfriend's bed because I thought I was better when I was not. He does not feel anything, but I had to treat his mattress with cedarcide and ditomaceous earth several times, and fogged his entire room, treated his bedding, etc. His home is fine now, but it is a risk honestly not worth taking. I know this is very hard, but it really is best to avoid excessive contact with others until you are better, as a). you don't want to spread it to them, and b). you don't want to reinfect yourself by re-exposure once you're better. The spf 30 sunscreen - after every shower, morning and night - has really helped me, and I believe it has helped keep others from getting this from me. The COTZ has too, but for me, thespf 30 has worked better.

Reinfection is extremely common. I have been totally clear of crawling and tingling sensations about three time already - once for a few days, then for a week, and a couple weeks ago, for two weeks. I then sleep on a surface I had slept on while infected, put on an article of clothing in my closet I had forgotten about, etc, and reinfect myself. You need to be aware of this, be patient with the process, and be EXTREMELY careful when dealing with this in the initial stages, to try and prevent spreading it to your workplace, other people's homes, etc. You also need to be extremely "on top" of treating or throwing out EVERYTHING that is infected -shoes, books, etc. I know it is hard to let go of valuable things, but in this situation, it definitely beats the alternative of continuous suffering.

Don't let people who are infected re-infect you. My sweet mom came to visit me for my university graduation, and after being clear for a couple weeks, I got reinfected after hugging her and posing with her for pictures, and had to start the process all over again.

Take those enzymes and cat's claw! Use the cat's claw on your skin and internally. Take both regularly, and in high amounts. I also found that taking oregano oil capsules, and rubbing the oil on my feet, helped some.

99% rubbing alcohol also really helps kill the collembola and fungus, while you're waiting for the cedarcide. I keep a bottle of it (and of the spf3 0 sunscreen) in my car just in case I feel anything while on the road or at work.

This is difficult to get rid of. I myself have been clear several times, but am still not 100% over this. It takes time. The good news is that I have this thing managed now. I do not feel crawling on me anymore, and if I do (for example, after being around my mom), I know exactly what to do and am clear of it in a couple days. The tingling sensation goes away a little more slowly for me, and has been harder to get rid of, but I have several times. You MUST stay on top of all aspects of this, in addition to keeping a positive, hopeful attitude and keeping your immune system strong. I know that I am getting better, and am extremely close to that moment. I also know that Megan Wells has helped me through this more than anyone else (and I spoke with many activists - Trisha Springstead, Deborha Altschuler, etc. They weren't able to give me any really helpful tips, honestly, other than to eat higher protein and avoid soy - for some reason this does help). I wish you luck, and want to also extend a heart felt note of gratitude to Megan for her help, guidance, and very sincere support. If you have these symptoms, she will be able to help you, too. Thank you Megan!

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