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My symptoms included the following:

  1. maui_3_sea_skinmiteThere was the feeling of something crawling on me, but I could not see anything. Turned out this was a Hexapod called Collembola or Springtail which the vector control of my local health department confirmed from a sample I sent in.
  2. There was pin pricking, which felt like biting, and it felt like I was being eaten. I believe this pin pricking sensation was caused by a genetically crossed fungus/virus breaking through the skin. This phenomenon looked like pieces of lint, but under a microscope, it looked like fibers growing in a specific pattern. The infection was not contracted from spores in the air but physical contact. The fungus was spread by the Collembola that was crawling on it to feed. The fungus is a gourmet super food for the Collembola that would normally never be attracted to a person's skin or found in a house.
  3. There was a burning itch from the fungus and nothing I tried made it stop.
  4. It felt like something was lightly brushing against my skin like a feather. I believe this was the fungus spreading under the skin.
  5. There was a tightening and tingling feeling in an area of activity. I believe this was caused by the fungus spreading internally through nerves under the skin.
  6. Symptoms become more active with the combination of heat and moisture and where clothing was tight against my skin. Turns out both fungus and Collembola flourish in these conditions.
  7. Symptoms became worse while eating or handling food. I believe the fungus was excited and reacting to changes in blood chemistry and an alkaline surge of the PH of the body.
  8. My symptoms got worse and were apparently escalated by electromagnetic energy from the computer or TV.
  9. The fungus got into fabric and leather and the infected clothing or shoes re-infected me. (IE Clothing, towels, linens, mattresses, purses, backpacks, seat belts, car seats, shoes boots, slippers)
  10. maui_1_sea_skinmiteThe fungus also infected paper, and I was re-infected by some of my files I had to handle every day.
  11. The fungus infected my hair follicles, spread in the environment and then from the environment re-infected my body. This cycle is what made it nearly impossible to eradicate.
  12. It liked an alkaline body chemistry, which usually means healthy people.  It affected more females, babies and young children than males, other than men over 50.  A local pest control company told us that in the two other cases of this they had seen only the infants affected in a house full of other residents were infected. I now think it is related to skin type not hormonal.
  13. There was activity in the bed and during the first rising light of dawn; a crawling sensation was always experienced. Probably caused by Collembola coming to feed on the fungus coming out of the skin.
  14. There appeared to be different types of what looked like bites on my skin. The ones where we felt the initial prick showed nothing on the surface, but I now believe this is the most contagious phase as it is when the fungus breaks through the skin to spread just like herpes virus does.  I now strongly believe that this GMO plague behaves like a fungus on the skin surface and virus once it gets into the nervous system.  This is why no antifungal medications taken internally have worked.
  15. The beginning symptom just looked like mosquito bites and went away overnight with modest treatment. The ones that looked like a white head festered and did not heal. These were most likely a more advanced stage of the skin infection. These became active with heat and moisture and had an intense burning itch. No amount of even the strongest treatment (prescription Elimite, 5% Pyrethrum creams, enzymes, Internet remedies, Ivermectin, straight bleach, tee tree and other essential oils, boric acid, hydrogen peroxide, etc. (See list of What Did Not Work in TREATMENTS) seemed to affect these or stop the intense itching. (Until we tried the non-toxic skin products we discovered (see TREATMENTS: What Works). These "pimple" like bumps would sometime recess into the skin when we managed to dry them up and then re-activate and flare up with heat and moisture, sometimes weeks or months later. They would dry up, but a bump would remain under the skin as if the fungus had somehow encysted into the skin. Because this was a fungus infection and bugs are only temporarily present to feed, no bugs showed up in any scrapings or biopsies.
  16. The Collembola, which can jump, and are supposedly the fastest moving of all life forms seem to disappear into thin air because our vision is too slow to follow them. The insect is quite easy to eliminate with a saturating fogging product I found (see Fogging Products under PRODUCTS). It is the fungus that is nearly impossible to eliminate.
  17. I finally realized that my environment was re-infecting me and that the bug was not living in my skin or body. I began trying to deal with disinfecting everything. I knew a woman that was boiling her clothes and still having problems, so I knew hot temperature did not affect. Freezing and microwaving did not work either. No laundry products, poisons; boric acid, borax, vinegar, enzymes, or powders affected the fungus in our clothes. The washer and a hot dryer did not affect the fungus either. We tried towels in the dryer at maximum heat for hours, and they still gave us fungus symptoms!
  18. I know now beyond a doubt that the patented fogging products do kill the Collembola and seem to purify the air. We were somewhat helped by a $2,000 commercial steamer we bought, but it did not eradicate the problem. Looking back, I realized that the moist heat at the fringes of what was treated only made the problem worse. Only the fogging products worked for us to finally get rid of it in the environment.

This Condition Is Real

rainbow_skinmiteTo all who are suffering from what they think is human skin parasites, skin mites, Collembola, or have symptoms like scabies, but nothing works it is my sincerest wish that what worked for me will help you.

If doctors have blown you off and told you that you have Delusional Parasitosis because they are too lazy or don’t care enough to learn the truth my hope is this protocol will help you like it helped me and my family. Most likely if you think you have some kind of scabies or bird mites or skin mites that won't go away with normal treatments, it could be a genetically modified skin fungus attracting a microscopic bug called Collembola that eats this superfood fungus infecting your skin. To this date, it has been almost impossible to detect because everyone is looking for a biting, stinging bug. After 11 years of consulting with thousands of victims, no bugs have been found under the skin by any doctors on anyone I’ve spoken with. That is because it is FUNGUS causing all but the crawling sensations. The Collembola has no apparatus to bite or sting. It is not a new kind of Collembola because many (including myself) have had specimens identified who had biting and stinging sensations and none of the bugs they caught had any apparatus to bit or sting only chew.

I suggest you read the entire site so you will understand that what you think will work won’t because I already tried it or have heard that someone else has (from over 1,000 victims I have personally spoken with at this point) and then go back and do what I did.

About Collembola


As seen with a 40x s microscope the adults are white, or flesh color, hairy and have legs and a whip on their underside that allows them to jump farther than fleas. They seemed to mostly inhabit our floor. We are not sure why, but they need to be treated as if they are airborne maybe because they are so small if they jump they can be airborne. Their size and huge numbers necessitate a total saturation of the environment to wipe them out.

The fungus (which we still do not know exactly what kind it is) is somehow only infecting certain people. Based on the data from survey questions that my local health department helped me formulate, 80% of the cases are women of all ages. Next is babies and young children and men over 50. Young men are rare. After years of studying, I now believe that the fungus starts the problem and is spreading physical contact with infected people, clothing or things. The Collembola is attracted and then also gets infected and then spreads the fungus.

The fungus on the skin attracts the Collembola as well as other fungus loving insects like fungus flies whose natural role in nature is to eat decaying leaves and fungus. I believe this is why multiple symptoms occur.

In my case, I never identified a parasite that was biting me. We had scrapings and biopsies that showed nothing. The doctors were not looking for a fungus on the skin so of course, they did not test for that if there even was a test. The fungus fibers were so small they appear to be lint even with a 10-x magnifying glass. See Gallery for pictures I took with a $500 microscope and camera of what I carefully took off my skin using a 10 x lighted mirror and tape or surgical tweezers.

If I had not studied closely and compared a few to each other under a microscope (40 x), I would have dismissed them as lint. I saw that the specimens all had the same shape and structure. I was able to kill the Collembola by fogging and the fungus by using a special tincture and smothering and suffocating them on my skin by using Cotz SPF 58 sunscreen. The Cat's Claw tincture was critical for me in killing the fungus on my skin as well as stopping the itching.

 How to get a specimen of what is crawling on you

This is the very first thing I suggest you do to make sure it is not something else in your environment

  • Get clear packing tape and a 10X Magnifying glass
  • Place the tape (sticky side down) about 5-inches above the floor
  • If you don't want to hold it (since it may take hours), use a couple of jars on either side to hold the tape. You are the bait, so if you sit there, you can attract them faster.
  • Place it in an area of most activity during the time of day most activity is happening
  • After a few hours, secure the tape (sticky side down) over a clear jar mouth to protect it
  • Place the jar over light and study it with the magnifying glass to see if you got anything. Circle it (or them) with a pen. Keep trying until you get something.
  • Transfer tape (sticky side down) to a small Tupperware or jar and place a lid over it to send to the vector control in your local health department for identification. They do not charge for this.
  • By identifying what is in your environment, you will be helping yourself and others to bring awareness to this plague. You can also prove to family and doctors that you are not delusional.

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